Gina Su

Actor, Miss Asian Global


Gina Su Bio.JPG

Hi, I'm Gina! :)

Friends call me "Gina Beans" because I can jump really high and am full of positive energy.

My acting in a nutshell: Lucy Liu meets Mandy Moore.

My purpose in a nutshell: Inspire millions to live a fulfilled and purposeful life by sharing positive psychology and self development content. 

My bio, not so much in a nutshell: My love for entertaining began when I was a competitive dancer. At the age of 3, I studied ballet, jazz and hip hop. I first discovered acting when I was cast as Jane in Pride and Prejudice. Yes, an Asian Jane, and a darn good one! 

In 2016, I joined my first international pageant competition and won the title of Miss Asian Global! *pageant wave*

Today you can see me playing lead roles in shorts and indie features. I’m proud of my continued training, on-set experience, and personal branding. I'm currently studying improv and mixed martial arts. (Kapow!)

Outside of acting, I’m a certified life coach and motivational speaker. I create content on self-development and positive psychology on all my social media outlets (@missginasu). Find me on facebook live every Wednesday to share tips and tricks. Grateful that my Youtube channel has over 385,800 views.

Working hard every day to make it to the big screen and make a difference. <3