Gina Su

Actor, Miss Asian Global


Nancy Meyers Hamilton

Director, Golden Eagle Films - “Winner of Best Ensemble”

"When I cast Gina Su as a Lead actor for "The Great Controversy Ended" movie/doc I knew from her audition that we would gain some excellent acting, nevertheless I was not prepared for the raw on-screen "truth" and "electric spark" that I saw in her performance. Gina is a naturally gifted actress and a definite upcoming talent that I know is going to continue to "WOW" Directors and viewers alike! Out of the hundreds of actors that I've had the pleasure of directing Gina's performance was unforgettable and astoundingly REAL! Any Producer that has the good fortune of working with Gina will be thrilled with the life and electricity that she brings to the screen! I'm also pleased to say that as a person, Gina is as enjoyable to work with as she is astounding to direct!"


Director, The Sweetest Day

“From the very beginning, Gina has been so open, so kind, so curious, so generous, so collaborative, so thoughtful, and so hardworking. She came with an intense willingness to learn, to contribute, and to make sure this film is the absolute best it could be. Whether learning dialogue in a foreign language or intense physical training, Gina went above and beyond for us, and I am forever grateful. 

On top of all that, Gina’s work was phenomenal and comes across beautifully on screen. I feel that everyone on set, including production, cast, and crew all leveled up by having Gina be an integral part of this film.”

Paul Kyriazi

Director, Forbidden Power

"Gina, that's a well acted scene between you and Harry Mok. Every scene that you were in, you added to your character things that were not in the script and much added to the movie. You were a true professional on the set which had a tough schedule, especially that one night till 2am. I appreciate your serious dedication to the project. See you soon for a screening in the Bay Area."

Andrew Junker

Director, French Press Films

"Gina is a blast to work with. She's focused and dedicated, has a wonderfully positive attitude towards the work, and is always up for whatever challenges the craft of acting has to offer, whether that's tapping on an iPhone or screaming in a rainy cemetery at night."

Matt Hardy

Director, Torn

Gina was receptive to direction and a truly amazing energy to have on-set during production. She was up for improvisation and revising her lines on the fly with me. She also worked beautifully with her costar and made everyone feel comfortable. Best of all, she was consistently on time and easy to get in contact with.

REGAn Eymann

Producer, Tam Communications

"Gina is an absolute professional and joy to work with on set. She takes direction very well, is not only fun to work with but she makes the job of the Director and Producer easy. We love working with Gina and always look to cast her in any of our projects."

Rose Chung

Founder, Miss Asian Global

"Gina Su is an absolute pleasure to work with. As emcee for Imagine Talks, she did her research on all our professional speakers, creating a warm and welcoming environment for presenters and guests. She's got an endearing personality that audience's love, and her positive energy and flexibility translated into a smooth flow of the program."